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ZampleBox is one of the many types of e-liquid subscription services in USA. It has over 20,000 active vapers. It rates as among the best original e-liquid subscription services. ZampleBox is based in Redmond, Washington. It contains different types of membership subscription; the silver, premium and gold. The silver comes in a package of three bottles. The amount of e-juice in silver ZampleBox is between 30-50 ml with a prize of $20.

The premium comes in a package of 11 bottles with a juice amount of 180-120 ml. It retails around $45. The gold ZampleBox is the most popular of the e-juice. It comes in a package of six bottles and contains between 60-100 ml of e-juice. It has a price range of $25. Today however, you can save on your first or next subscription with the exclusive Zamplebox coupon.

How ZampleBox Works

For a new user, no invites are required in order to register for an account and signing up for subscription services. ZampleBox works with different e-juice vendors like the Johnson Creek, The Standard Vape, Alpha Vape, Golden Drops, and NicQuid among others.

A customer has an option of selecting a standard membership that goes for $24.99/mo. or a gold membership that goes for $44.99. All these membership costs are inclusive in shipping costs. Previously, ZampleBox had no a choice that offered nicotine preference, but it has been introduced currently. The option allow a member to select nicotine preference that is either 0 mg, 3mg, 6mg or 18mg/ml. A customer’s account is billed on the same day, each and every month.

Additionally, a member is able to cancel their subscription anytime they feel like. Choosing a ZampleBox is normally easy and this usually occurs in seven steps. First a member is asked about their experience with vaping i.e. a beginner, intermediate or an advanced vaper.

Secondly, a member will choose their flavor profile which entails choosing the types of juices they enjoy. It includes tobacco, fruit, dessert and menthol flavors’ member can select up to all the four options. Additionally, a member can decide on the surprise option. Step three involves selecting flavor you hate. It’s an optional step and a member can put the flavors they wish to avoid. The fourth step involves flavors a member might love; it’s an optional step. The fifth step involves selecting the nicotine options. The nicotine preferences include 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 18mg. Step six involves choosing the ZampleBox of your type, silver or gold.

Step seven is your subscription summary, thus a member can decide to change any information. A member is required to add their names and email address. Lastly a member has to pay with either credit or debit card. After paying for the first order, the subscription is auto renewed monthly.

ZampleBox boxes are usually shipped out at the start of the month. The boxes contain various assortment of e-juice from different vendors plus a member only coupon’s member is also guaranteed discount to encourage more purchases. The advantage of ZampleBox over other e-juices subscription is that it’s a money saver. It’s also easy to sign up and shipping takes very few days. ZampleBox can also be contacted at any time, with prompt responses.