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White Cloud is a major distributor of electronic cigarettes with an online e-commerce site and retail fronts in some parts of the States where you can get access to their product. However, unlike most other e-cig distributors around, White Cloud sells e-cigs which are disposable commonly referred to as Fling Minis and Fling.

Also as hinted from their Trade mark name, White Cloud, their e-cig products are as different and clean as they come as opposed to other e-cig manufacturers’. Make no mistake, being different however wrong it may sound does not mean that they are horrible. In fact White Cloud e-cig products are quite sublime.

The one thing that marks a difference is their “cleanliness” i.e. they are healthy and do not leave any unnecessary after smoke floating around in the air. All in all their e-cigs make you feel like you are breathing in air and not nicotine-filled vapor. This is backed up by the fact that they have been featured in quite a number of magazines including Forbes due to the benefits they hold.

This major attribute helps re-know the meaning of tasty foods and drinks and healthy living habits. White Cloud e-cigs have a variety of nicotine levels which you can opt for to indulge yourself in the smoking pleasure or then again, when you want to quit smoking altogether.

Unlike competitors, White Cloud e-cig products come in flavor variants and in two major sizes i.e. the Fling (4.5 inches, 1 cm round, 10g weight & offers 400 puffs) and the Fling Mini (3.25 inches, 0.6 cm round, 6g weight & offers 150 puffs). They can be bought individually for $5.95 and $3.95 respectively or at a wholesale price.

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White cloud offers a total of 5 Cirrus starter kits which you can opt for. They have all the featured items from batteries, USB chargers, cartridges, adaptors, etc. and two of them, the cirrus 2 and 3 cost $39.95 and $69.96 respectively. You can get pre-filled cartridges at small price ranges from $7 to $9.

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