V2 Cigs Cartridges Review

When you begin to smoke e cigs, one of the things you are most going to enjoy, is the fact that there are a number of flavors you can choose from; this V2 Cigs cartridges review will introduce some of the new flavors you are going to experience with the V2 name.

V2 Cigs Cartridges ReviewSelection in flavors –
For those who want to try out a variety of flavor blends, V2 has several for you to use. From the Sahara and Red tobacco blends, to the cool menthol, mint, and peppermint, there is something for everyone. For those who enjoy a sweeter taste, there is also chocolate, vanilla, cherry, and cola flavors you can choose from.

Sampler pack –
For those who can’t decide, or do not know where to start, the sampler pack is the perfect option when you are new to e cigs. This pack can be ordered in a ten pack variety, and will come with the most popular e cig cartridge flavors which V2 sells.

Make it blank –
If you prefer to mix and match things up, you can order blank cartridges, and order the e liquid, as opposed to the cartridge. You decide how much of each liquid you will use, and you decide on which flavors you are going to mix and match when creating your own fun and unique blend of flavors.

GO custom –
Customers can also order a custom pack with the V2 name. The company is the only one in the industry that provides this option. You select the names of the flavors, you decide which flavors to combine, and you send the customer service team a description of each flavor, and they will put together a custom blend for you. This is not only a great way to try out new and unique flavors, but it also makes a great gift for someone who smokes V2 e cigs.

Save in bulk –
If you already know which flavors you like, or if you simply want to keep it simple and order one flavor that you know you will enjoy, the option to order in bulk is also available so that you can save on the cost per cartridge. 40, 80, and even 100 pack options are available to customers, when they want to pay less per cartridge, and want to enjoy the flavors from V2.

Nicotine levels –
Every cartridge allows you to decide how much nicotine you want; if you are trying to quit, you can go with zero. For those who want to slowly ween off, there is a light, medium, and high (2.4%) options as well, so that you can slowly begin to reduce the amount of nicotine that you are consuming.

Regardless of the flavors you like, or what you want to try, V2 has a variety of options for you to choose from. So, whether you select one flavor, create your own, or go with the blank cartridges, you will find something that suits you, and will fit your flavor needs when purchasing refill cartridges.