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This is it, the best e-cigarette shop in San Diego, and perhaps the best in California. The staff is friendly, the service is excellent, the shop is owned by an enthusiastic group of friends. Prices are surprisingly low, although, I don’t know how they cut their costs, but they do, and with the variety of products it’s impressive.

Due to the shop’s very helpful and friendly service, Sun Vapers is of greatest value to locals of the area. Someone completely new to Vaping will be given realistic information about the cheaper introductory products. Those who are already experienced with Vaping will find the staff to be enthusiastic Vapers who know seem to know just about everything about the higher end products. If you are looking for anything from the most basic to the most obscure Vaping accessories, Sun Vapers is likely to carry the product. The store offers a clearance section, where particularly low prices can be found.

Currently limited to a single physical location, Sun Vapers is definitely worth visiting if you are in San Diego and into Vaping. If not, the online store is certainly worth a look. A video found on the Sun Vapers website gets the point across about the store’s advantages:

1) The website is easy to understand. Very true – don’t expect it to be even a bit of a hassle to find and buy what you want!

2) All of the products are authentic. Don’t expect a cheap knock off to be sold as a higher quality brand – not even unintentionally.

3) All of the photographs of the products are done by the company itself. An online purchase will never result in a product that looks different from what you had ordered.

4) You won’t believe how fast the shipping is!

Those of you interested in trying an online purchase should use the coupon code “FOOLISH” on their website to receive a 10% discount on all orders over $60. Prices are already cheap, and shipping for orders over $45 is free.