Square Smoke Review

Here is an overview of Square Smoke, with focus on the wide variety of products they offer.

About the company

There are a number of considerations for a smoker who is looking to switch over to an electronic cigarette brand from a conventional one, including opting for a product which provides a good quality water vapor. All vapors from Square Smoke are not only easy to consume and thick, but also easy on the throat and will often lead to the new smoker forgetting about the traditional cigarettes they used to smoke. Customers will not cough or splutter when they they inhale on the vapor and smoke is generated when an individual draws on the e-device. There are a number of products to choose from and each electronic cigarette purchased includes the Square Smoke logo which has been written in a contemporary font across the front. Battery life is long-lasting and customers can charge their device with the use of a tiny USB cable, which is so small it can fit into a purse or bag, making it easy to transport to the intended destination. A full charge can last as long as a day, and customers can be reassured that their device is easy to charge when the battery is running out low by inserting the USB into a computer or laptop.


There are a wide variety of flavored e-liquids to choose from, and Square Smoke refer to these as “Square Drops”, with colorful packaging and a unique logo for every flavor. Customers can choose from CMYK, Peach Sunrise, Malibu Silk, and Mamma Mia. The flavors are unique to the company and cannot be found anywhere else. For those who have never tried the brand before, purchasing a starter kit from Square Smoke is a good place to start, and there are several on offer. The Square Reload kit comes equipped with two cartridges, each providing 500 puffs, the equivalent to around 2 packs of normal cigarettes. A battery, instructional guide and USB charger are also provided with the starter kit, saving the customer money, especially if they were intending on purchasing all of these items separately. Other stater kits include Square Buzz and Vape, all of which are contained in a rubber non-slip grip case which is easy to open and keeps its contents safe and secure during the delivery process.

Other information

The Square Smoke website is easy to navigate around, with all menus labelled clearly and a number of detailed descriptions and photographs provided for items that are available for purchase. The company differs from its competitors in that it has a very strong online presence, with dedicated Facebook and Twitter accounts, and a YouTube account, with a number of videos customers can watch, including product descriptions, tutorials and how-to guides. Square Smoke’s dedicated customer support team are able to answer calls from customers who may have a query. Individuals can call the company on a toll-free number which is provided on their website, or email the company directly for a speedy response. There are several different delivery options when making a purchase from the website, and customers who have a discount code will be prompted to enter this when they get to checkout, allowing them to save money on their order. The company also provides an email newsletter to customers interesting in receiving news and information from Square Smoke.

Warranty information

Customers who are not completely satisfied with a product purchased through the website can take advantage of a 100% money-back guarantee. There is a 1 year limited warranty in place on products purchased through Square Smoke, although this warranty will be void on products which have been modified or damaged. A request for a refund can be made directly on the company’s website.