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Five Pawns has been creating a lot of buzz in recent times and it was also nominated as the number 1 vendor of e-juice because of its premium hand crafted products. Its high-quality products have made a quick entryway into the high-end vape shops and they are also finding a lot of demand on some of the top online vaping stores.

Flavors they offer:

Absolute Pin: Interesting and complex like the majority of Five Pawns’ items, it’s very hard to pick out a particular flavor to specify Absolute Pin. It’s depicted as a perfect blend of Irish cream, caramel, and cinnamon with a light flavor of absinthe. There is a strong black licorine smell to it, with caramel breathe in, which is then followed by a hot cinnamon, absinthe breathe out.

Gambit – Is one of the richest and probably the most complex flavor from Five Pawns. Phenomenally divine with an appl-ish pie covering breathe in, which is followed by a smooth caramel breathe out. This is a one of those flavors that should be savored! Gambit is the closest thing to a new, custom made crusty fruit-filled pie, with insights of pie crust, which is made from vanilla and cinnamon frozen yogurt.

Queenside – Shifting things to a marginally fruity side, Five Pawns’ Queenside is a smooth vanilla and citrus mix that can be compared to an orange creamsicle, with a little piece of zest that is tossed in the general mixture. This one is unquestionably sweet, and the blood orange seasoning can be experienced.

Five Pawns, known as an ultra premium vape product supplier is probably the best in its category. Apart from the above-mentioned products, there are many other which are also equally good. Although for many vapers these rich complex flavors all day might not be the best, they should still be cherished.