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You never know which moments will change your life forever

Jen - the reason for Pink Jams!"Thank you for your interest in Pink Jams! I don’t remember the day I met my friend Jen, although I really wish I could. I do, however, remember the day I found out that she was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with her second child. Jen was amazing - no matter how hard it got, I never saw her lose that infectious laugh, her fighter spirit, and her never-ending courage.

Jen lost her fight in 2007. At just 35 years old, she left a husband, two beautiful children, and countless friends and family behind. Jen and this terrible disease have changed my life and I will never just simply write a check again.
I learned the hardest way possible that breast cancer can affect men and women under the age of 40. This disease doesn't discriminate. An estimated three million woman are living with breast cancer, one million don't know it yet. This year, nearly 2,000 men will also be diagnosed. Breast cancer, however, does not have to be a death sentence. Early detection and regular screenings can and will save lives.

My work with Pink Jams! is in memory of my courageous friend whom I miss so much. And I support breast cancer awareness education programs in honor of the millions of men and woman who are fighting for their lives right now. I hope you will support us in our fight against breast cancer."

My sincerest thanks,

Christa Floresca, Founder of Pink Jams!